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 Disband guild

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PostSubject: Disband guild   Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:07 pm

well I booted everyone outa guild today few contributing factors was my declinign health and work I wont be on as much as people think I should be.Tired of the BS lies ect,plain lazyiness.

some of you tried very hard and I thank you for that,you showed me that the guild could have been really decent when 20 of us held imperia for 55 minutes and week before that you held them back long enough that if we had just 2 more catas we would have won,but so many where gun hoe bout tw but didnt show and no way to even have a fun tw when so out numbered.

many of you helped each other but with scattered time zones and RL some felt they didnt get as much help as they wanted and left to those I give a big wawawawawa.

Not gonna rant ,just end with if game isnt fun find way to make it or quit.i chose just quit may come back next winter.

thank you and good luck to everyone.
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Disband guild
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